3D cell printer

  • SKU: MBP02-001

  • Brand: Qingzi Nano
3D cell printer from Qingzi Nano

This 3D cell printer is a technology developed to aid tissue regeneration. The tissue engineering scaffold is beneficial to induce cell proliferation and differentiation and can promote regeneration of deficient tissue rapidly. Lepton’s equipment can prepare a scaffold with a diameter of less than 1 micron, which is more beneficial to cell attachment and differentiation.

  • Multiple materials and processes printing: hydrogel, PCL, PLGA, PLA, chitosan, sodium alginate, thermosensitive material, light-sensitive material, etc.
  • The smallest printing precision can reach 100nm;
  • Nozzle orientation self-calibration system;
  • Can choose low-temperature molding device;
  • Environment temperature and humidity is controllable;
  • The maximum printing speed is 200mm/s;
  • Printing area: 150*150mm;
  • Can collaborative switch printing multiple materials and processes.
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