Biomarker and CDx analytics


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Biomarker development

FlowCell provide analytical services for development of biomarkers and companion diagnostics (CDx). We have broad experience with different types of biomarkers: metabolites, proteins, and cells. Our AI tools include cluster analysis, machinne learning and clinical trial design.
Visualization: in SpotFire and custom reports, including online tools.
Quality of biomarkers depends on the strength of correlation and predictive power. We specialized in statistical analysis, and also bring biological know-how to the table to provide the impactful and cost-effective options for biomarkers.
We provide flexible services from creation of systematic database architecture to queries.
Expertise in Matlab, R, C#, Python and other languages.
We have developed automated gating software for flow cytometry, and other analytical tool for systematic analysis of big data in metabolic, genomic, proteomic and functional assays.

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