Bioprinting of 3D scaffolds

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Bioprinting of 3D scaffolds with Tissue Blocks
This 3D bioprinting scaffolds are created with Tissue Blocks (T-Blocks) that enable stem cells to proliferate, migrate, and secrete matrix in this 3D manner to ultimately create a growth environment that resembles the original target tissue.

The T-Blocks allow for the stem cells to grow outside of their microenvironment without sacrificing their migration pattern, differentiation potential, or proliferation capabilities.

The T-Blocks are a 3D matrix consumable product that allow for the mass production of adult stem cells from a single donor. Specific target tissues are created by manipulating how the T-Blocks are combined and incorporating specific growth factors to help the formation of the target tissue.
T-Blocks are made out of biocompatible porous hydrogel compositions which include proprietary blends of polyethylene glycol diacrylate (PEGDA) that are coated with human extracellular matrix. Each T-block is 1 cm by 1 cm by 1 cm and can hold 360 million cells.

T-Blocks are expandable 3D modular substrate which allow for the growth of adult stem continuously in the X, Y, and Z axial directions without the need for passaging. The T-Blocks are compatible with most adherent stem cells as they are customizable, expandable and are able to work with any media.

When expansion is needed with the 3D bioprinting scaffold, one will add an additional block which eliminate the need for any subculturing (lowering labor costs and contamination risks).

Advances in translational inner ear stem cell research (2017)

The Use of Human Wharton’s Jelly Cells for Cochlear Tissue Engineering (2021)

Benefit Detail
Flexibility Flexible Bioprinting
Affordability 1% of the cost of conventional cell culture technologies
Throughput Get the number of blocks you need for your research, suitable for moderate throughput, high-content analysis
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