Blood substitute

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  • Brand: Lena Biosciences
Blood substitute from Lena Biosciences

This blood substitute is reusable, sterile and inert. It increases cell respiratory metabolism and maintains a stable pH.

Solubility of atmospheric gases is at least an order of magnitude higher than that in the cell culture media. Insoluble in and immiscible with media, reagents and drugs.


This blood substitute is used in place of blood that does not support the growth of microorganisms. This lowers the risk of infection for an organ on a chip device. Compared to cell culture media, there is insignificant evaporation. The substitute reduces the risk of infection.

This substitute is offered as 100 mL or 1,000 mL.
Blood substitute facilitates superior interstitial delivery of all gases to cells. This increases cellular respiratory and drug metabolism by at least an order of magnitude compared to cells within a dish.

Substitute is primarily for in vitro cell culture use.

The substitute is non-reactive under normal conditions of use, storage and transport in a tightly closed container.  
Benefit Detail
Flexibility Reusable indefinitely that uses sterile filtering techniques
Throughput Increased cellular respiratory metabolism, enhanced mitochondrial utilization
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