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SBI's ID External Star Adaptor incorporates minimally-invasive, real-time fiber optic sensing into your bioprocess. This adaptor is a minimally invasive, single-use accessory used to collect real-time pH and dissolved oxygen measurements, enabling your biomanufacturing process and cell culture more reproducible, efficient, and reliable. It can be used within shake flasks, bioreactors, media reservoir bottles, as well as multi-well plates. This adaptor is not suitable for vessels with complex geometry as they are not compatible with the standard ID • Reader. This device can be used to help monitor levels of dissolved oxygen and measure pH and DO gradients within liquid media. They come in sets of 5, either for pH or DO measurement. Keep in mind, the pH and DO sensors are sold separately from this item. For more information click here.
Specifications(for both pH and DO adaptors):
  • Requires sterilization prior to use
  • Autoclave for 10 min, 121 °C
  • Single-use: each adaptor can only be used once
  • Made of recyclable material
  • Made of biocompatible polycarbonate
  • Fiber optic cable attachment allows for readings from two different sensors within the same vessel
  • Can be adapted to fit many culture systems
  • Compatible with 3.5” (89 mm) minimal radius and flat wall culture vessels
The ID External Star Adaptor is designed to provide a point of connection while adhering to the exterior of a culture vessel. The adaptor enables measurements to be taken on the side of a vessel empowering researchers to compare and assess oxygen gradients that occur within media. This placement is very important as it ensures accurate measurement of DO and pH within the media. Check out how these adaptors enable minimally invasive measurement of cell-cultures in this article.
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