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Biocompatible Flexdym material helps to bridge the gap between prototyping and pilot scale production of microfluidic devices. Traditionally, injection molding was only accessible for prototyping. Flexdym also comes in pellets which allows it to be used for injection molding.
The availability of FlexDyme sheets with thicknesses of from 100um to 2mm can fill those two important needs. The thicker material is suitable for direct embossing of microfluidic designs using Syblym100.  Thinner sheets are suitable or Quake valves.
The material is sold by square meter.
FlexDym material is highly biocompatible (Grade VI). As a film it is able to stretch to up to 720% its original size. 

Young Modulus of FlexDym 1.15 MPa. 

There available sheet thickness is:  2 mm, 1.2 mm, 750 um, 250 um and 100 um. 

FlexDym is able to provide strong conformal seal to glass or plastic without solvents or additional adhesives.
FlexDym sheets are a perfect material is well for manufacture of Quake valves, which opperaty by displacement of the membrane by positive air pressure to close off a fluidic channel. Traditionally, these valves have been difficult to manufacture, due to difficulties of hangling thin flexible membranes. Typical material used is PDMS (poly-dimethylsiloxane) does not have the same stetching ability as FlexDym, and manufacture requires manually handling sheets as thin as 10um.

FlexDym is able to achieve the same effect with thicker sheets, which are easier to handle and seal conformally. Majority of customers interested in this application are able to use 250 um thick sheets.

Another application involves manufacture of microfluidic channels.

As the figure below illustrates, FlexDym can be quickly molded to test prototypes or to scale up production.

COVID19 has presented diagnostic challenges for the medical community. Existing point-of-care devices don't have the required properties, including combination of compactness, cost, performance, and simplicity of use. 
Fabrication using molding of FlexDym sheets with Syblym100 systems is capable of producing hundreds of devices per day, an can have rapid impact on research workflow or ungent clinical applications for COVID.
Benefit Detail
Flexibility Same material for prototyping and mass production
Cost Inexpensive prototyping option
High throughput Fabrication suitable for pilot production

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