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GradientEZ 3D cell migration system, 6-petal (pack of 12)

GradientEZ is a qualitative cell migration and invasion assay that enables cells to migrate in three dimensions as they do in living tissues. It is straightforward to use and works like a piece of paper. Simply, pipet cells in the center and add test agents to petals or lobes to model gradient-dependent pathological conditions in 3D. Alternatively, add invasive cancer cells to the center and normal cells to lobes.
Fluorescently labeled cells or cell populations added to the center or lobes may be imaged and analyzed in real-time during or after cell migration studies using fluorescence microscopy. Suitable for both adherent and suspension cells.
GradientEZ 3D cell migration system includes a 6-petal (pack of 12). The 6 petal format can fit into 6-well to 24-well plates as well as any petri dish. There are two methods in which the system can be used. 

Method 1: Migrating or invading cells, and different cell populations or test compounds may be added to the center and 6 petals or lobes.

Method 2: To test metastatic potential of cancer cells, add invasive cells to the center and normal cells to lobes to begin to elucidate where they might metastasize



Ideal for controlled exposure of cells to gradients of factors such as cytokines, chemokines, and drugs.
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