Bioprinting of 3D scaffolds

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Bioprinting of 3D scaffolds
 Ronawk can produce 3D bioprinted scaffolds (blocks) to your specifications, including ink composition, stiffness and printed vascularization.

The production process does not dispense cells, and can be more accurated called 3D biocompatible printing. It produces custom biocompatible blocks, the user coats them with extracellular matrix and add cell cultures.

The blocks can be produce in shapes that interlock like Legos facilitating cell migration studies.

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The user can specificy the dimension of the bioprinted material. The printed materails can be made to fit within 6-, 12- or 24-well plates. 
Vascularization channels can be 3D bioprinted into the blocks for improved oxygenation, as well as simulation of important features for immuno-oncology and metastasis.
Benefit Detail
Flexibility Flexible Bioprinting
Affordable Get 3D bioprinting into you lab without capital equipment cost
High throughput Get the number of blocks you need for your research, suitable for moderate throughput, high-content analysis
Large Organoid Culture Culture large 3D organoids, with bioprinted vascularization
Membrane models

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