Perfused Organ Panel Starter System


  • Brand: Lena Biosciences
The starter system enables continuous perfusion of 48 statistically independent organ cultures with one tube.

      Apart from the syringe pump, all components of this starter system are sterile. The main functions are to enable parallel perfusion and provide superior gas exchange to the basal side of each culture. The perfusion rate can be easily changed or paused for media changes.
     The blood substitute does not support the growth of microorganisms, and it is immiscible with and insoluble in media, reagents, and drugs. It’s the only chemical in the syringes and tubing, so the risk of contamination is negligible compared to other perfusion platforms that utilize the culture media in tubing and syringes.
The starter system includes:
  • One dual syringe pump
  • Two 48-well PerfusionPal plates (or two 12-well plates)
  • Two syringes and tubing
  • 120 SeedEZ scaffolds
  • Two bottles of 100 mL blood substitute
The technology is the first micro-physiological system that provides blood-like perfusion and oxygen delivery to tissues cultured in vitro by the hemoglobin analog, Blood Substitute.

PerfusionPal's innovative technology concentrates the secretome, metabolome, and signaling molecules produced by the cells in the well. These molecules may be concentrated enough to facilitate detection of new biomarkers of efficacy or therapy surveillance.

The system is ideally suited for modeling interstitial perfusion that cells in most tissues in vivo, and the majority of tumors that are bigger than 2 millimeters.

Applications include:
  • Small molecule drug testing: drug metabolism, on-target efficacy & off-target toxicity
  • Large molecule biopharmaceutical testing: interstitial delivery mimicking in vivo conditions, on-target efficacy/ off-target toxicity of antibody-drug-conjugates & multi-specific antibodies
  • Cancer research: simulate advanced, vascularized tumors with heterogeneous cell populations, extracellular matrix, & intra-tumor supply of drugs to mimic a patient’s tumor more closely at the time of treatment
Benefit Detail
Flexibility Scaffolds can be removed for cell isolation and imaging, provides extended mechanistic studies, can be used for repeat drug dose testing
Affordable Cheaper than conventional relay assays
High throughput In-well assaying, provides superior gas exchange, users determine customizable perfusion rates
Large Organoid Culture
Membrane models

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