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LabV1 pump.

Shenchen's LabV1 is an intelligent type peristaltic pump with flow rates between 0.000166-570 mL/min. It is suitable for academic research as well as industrial use.
Product Specifications:
4.3" color touch screen control; flow data, set parameters, and system settings displayed in the same screen.
3 measurement modes: fixed volume measurement, fixed time and volume, timer start and stop.
In a recent paper published by Nature Magazine, the LabV1 was used in an experiment to addressing issues plaguing standard operating procedures of current optical biosensing methods. The most common method disregards the promising possibility of simultaneous measurements of a bioanalyte’s refractive index over a broadband spectral domain. This research team addressed this issue by introducing the approach of in-fibre multispectral optical sensing (IMOS). The operating principle relies on detecting changes in the transmission of a hollow-core microstructured optical fiber (HC-MOF)  when a bioanalyte is streamed through it via liquid cells. The LabV1 was an integral piece of equipment in this experiment as it was used to drive the flow of the analyte through the HC-MOF. 
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