LiveFlow Peristaltic Pump for Incubator

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LiveFlow Peristaltic Pump for Incubator

Place this compact peristaltic pump in the incubator and run your experiments with the organ-on-chip LiveBox. Thanks to its high IP rating and compact dimensions, it can work directly in the incubators of common cell culture laboratories. This peristaltic pump allows you to maintain the experimental conditions as close as possible to the in vivo-like environment by avoiding any temperature or CO2 differences between your biological samples and the used media.

Flow rate range from 50 µL/min up to 500 µL/min, two independent pump heads.
LiveFlow is compatible with the incubator environment (95% Humidity, 5% CO2 and 37°C).
• Small weight allows an easy transfer of the LiveFlow pump from the laminar hood to the incubator/microscope
• LiveFlow is equipped with two pumping heads, each one driving two independent circuits
• Each pumping head is removable, sterilisable and reusable
• LiveFlow is equipped with a drawer that houses up to four LiveBox. The design allows chambers monitoring using an inverted microscope
• The interface is intuitive and user friendly:
        o A couple of buttons allows an easy setting of flow rates
        o A display shows the flow rate selected for each head

Flow direction can be reverted through a dedicated button.
Applications LiveFlow can be used in:
• transferring solutions, emulsions, suspensions at up to 50 °C.
• automation of biological analyses by proportionally mixing a sample with several reagents (flow injection analysis).
• continuously sampling the components of a production process (reactors, fermenters, and so on).
• formation of gradients (concentration, pH, and so on).
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