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Medical Writing Services
Our goal is to increase awareness about applications of in vitro 3D models such as microfluidics within scientific, pharmaceutical, and regulatory communities. Using 3D cell culture models improves the pre-clinical, safety, and efficacy assessments reduce the use of animal models, and accelerates the drug development process. To achieve this goal, we provide a variety of medical writing services to manufacturers and researchers. Please refer to the SPECIFICATION section for a list of our medical writing services.
All of our services are provided by medical writers with PhDs in life sciences specialized in oncology, immune-oncology, 3D in vitro models, micro physiological systems, organoids, neuroscience, gene therapy, immunology, autoimmunity, and vaccine development. Here is a sampling of the services we offer:

Publication planning, development, and submission
Publication planning includes developing a solid introduction for your manuscript, manage the references, format the document according to the target journal’s guidelines, and finalize it for submission. We can also start with your rough draft, edit the content and language, check the references, and format it for submission.

Research result summaries and reports
We can summarize the results of your study for a scientific report.

Abstracts, scientific posters, and presentations
We design and prepare abstracts, scientific posters, and presentations for scientific meetings based on your research results.

We can edit your grant proposal and format it according to the funding agency's guidelines.

Sales Training
Our writing and business development team can develop marketing training materials such as application notes, graphics, animations, videos, MSL slide decks, and pamphlets about your new product.
Flexible services for medical writing in educational and technical marketing materials about your 3D in vitro model including newsletters, blogs, SOPs, and Medical Science Liason (MSL) slide decks. We also can assist with regulatory 510k submissions (CDRH, CDER, CBER) and CE mark.
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