Microfluidic systems and interface design

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Microfluidic design, fluidic, pneumatic, thermal
Mig-Tech's mission is to help their clients develop sound designs- from ideation to concept to prototyping to production. Mig-Tech offers consulting in Fluidic, Pneumatic, Thermal, and Mechanical Systems Design for the Instrumentation Industry - Biotech/DNA, Medical Diagnostics, Analytic/Scientific, Environmental/Water Monitoring, Beverage Dispensing. Suitable to a variety and needs and industries, Mig-Tech has something to offer you. For more information, check out their prior work and contact info!
Mig-Tech offers custom design for your product specifications and design-for-manufacture and ISO standards. With 20 years of industry experience, Mig-Tech Services include:

Fluidic Design
Thermal Design
Pneumatic Design
Mechanical design/assembly
Research and development and so much more


With over 20 years of engineering experience, Mig-Tech has created a considerable design portfolio, which includes a variety of projects from hematology systems to heated reaction chambers, to a variety of pumps. To learn more about IVD pumps, a specialty of Mig-Tech, check out this article written by Mig-Tech's executive director.
Benefit Detail
Flexibility Flexible fluidic circuits with build-in valving
Affordability Projects designed to fit you budget
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