OB1 flow controller

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OB1 flow controller

The OB1 MK3+ by Elveflow is the only microfluidic flow control system in the world to use piezoelectric regulators, enabling a flow control that is 20 times more precise and 10 times faster than the other flow controllers on the market. Don’t be limited by instrumentations for your microfluidic experiments! Designed by scientists for scientists, the versatile and powerful OB1 MK3+ pressure controller allows perfect flow control for all kinds of applications.
Whether you need pressure or vacuum, low flow rate or high flow rate, short experiments or week-long processes, the OB1 MK3+ is the perfect companion for your microfluidic research.
ElveFlow's OB1 is a versatile instrument used in variety of research fields. Current applications found for the OB1 controller include:
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