Organoid PerfusionPal Plate

  • SKU: PP-A012-0001

  • Brand: Lena Biosciences
12-well PerfusionPal Plate

PerfusionPal is the perfused multiwell tray in Lena BioScience's  Perfused Organ Panel system that enables continuous perfusion of 12 statistically independent cultures with just one tube.


  • increases Phase I drug metabolism 2-5 times
  • saves time and money compared to relay assay
  • provides human metabolites for slow-to-metabolize drugs
  • provides concentrated secretome to test biologics (monoclonal antibodies and antibody-drug conjugates)
  • enables extended mechanistic studies and repeat-dose testing
  • provides superior tissue oxygenation and pH maintenance

1 Pack includes:

  1. PerfusionPal 12 well plate
  2. 15 SeedEZ scaffolds
  3. Tubing and syringes
  4. Luer Cap
  5. Seeding Insert


4 Pack includes:

  1. PerfusionPal 12 well plate x 4
  2. Tubing x 4 and Syringe x 4
  3. Luer Cap x 4
  4. SeedEZ scaffolds (60 count)
  5. Seeding Insert x 4

For sterile use only

Loading plate with scaffolds
Loading the plate

12-well perfusion plate
Loaded plate
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