Peptigel Starter Pack

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  • Brand: Manchester Biogel
Controlled chemical composition ECM

PeptiGel is an extracellular matrix (ECM) with controlled chemical composition. The lack of uncontrolled growth factors in the ECM makes is well suited for work with differentiation of stem cells. It also has a positive effect on metabolizing cells such as hepatocytes. When beginning with PeptiGels, we recommend using Starter Pack. This comes with five different PeptiGel® formulations for you to test with your cells and identify the most suitable environment for your cell needs. The Starter Pack comes in standard volumes of 2mLs or 5mLs of each formulation.
PeptiGel® Alpha 1 Alpha 2 Alpha 4 Gamma 2 Alpha 2 - RGD
G' (kPa) 5 10 1 5 10
Charge Neutral Charged Charged Charged Charged
Benefit Detail
Flexibility Gel can be adjusted in terms of electric charge, biopolymer composition and stiffness
Affordability Cheaper than Matrigel
Throughput Suitable for multi-well plate format
Special features Controlled chemical composition ECM, no extraneous growth factors

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