Perfused Organ Panel Pump

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Pump for the Perfused Organ Panel Pump Starter System. This product is only the pump.

Lena Biosciences PerfusionPal 3D cell culture with perfusion and a proprietary blood substitute bring life to your cells.

3D biological systems are closer to real physiology than simplistic model systems such as 2D monocultures due to presence of cell-to-cell contacts, extracellular matrix (ECM), and cellular heterogeneity. Fidelity of 3D model cultures to biological reality is currently limited by availability of screening platforms with fluidic perfusion to control cellular microenvironment. A new platform that fills this gap is available from Lena Biosciences. PerfusionPal 3D an enabling microphysiological systems (MPS) with significantly increased translational value for drug screening compared with platforms that lack perfusion. The PefusionPal 3D comes with plates with 12- or 48-wells, which allows this platform to easily fit the existing workflow for drug development, including liquid handling automation.

PerfusionPal 3D works together with other proprietary products from Lena Biosciences, including blood substitute regent, and cell-seeding scaffolds SeedEZ and GradientEZ.

Note that the SeedEZ scaffolds for use with the PerfusionPal are specifically sized to the plates. Our other SeedEZ scaffolds are sized to fit in standard multi-well plates (96-well to 6-well). The two GradientEZ products (lobe and petal shapes) are for use in multi-well plates.
PerfusionPal 3D enables microphysiological systems with increased translational value
The starter system includes a dual syringe pump, two 48-well perfusion plates and a proprietary blood substitute. Place the pump outside the incubator and you are ready to go.
The starter system replaces 96 chips, at least 192 tubes, 96 media bottles and 95 pumps.

The technology is the first micro-physiological system that provides blood-like perfusion and oxygen delivery to tissues cultured in vitro by the hemoglobin analog, Blood Substitute.


PerfusionPal's innovative technology concentrates the secretome, metabolome, and signaling molecules produced by the cells in the well. These molecules may be concentrated enough to facilitate detection of new biomarkers of efficacy or therapy surveillance.


The system is ideally suited for modeling interstitial perfusion that cells in most tissues in vivo, and the majority of tumors that are bigger than 2 millimeters.

Applications include:

  • Small molecule drug testing: drug metabolism, on-target efficacy & off-target toxicity

  • Large molecule biopharmaceutical testing: interstitial delivery mimicking in vivo conditions, on-target efficacy/ off-target toxicity of antibody-drug-conjugates & multi-specific antibodies

  • Cancer research: simulate advanced, vascularized tumors with heterogeneous cell populations, extracellular matrix, & intra-tumor supply of drugs to mimic a patient’s tumor more closely at the time of treatment

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