Perfusion plate

  • SKU: PP-A048-0001

  • Brand: Lena Biosciences
48-well perfusion plate for cell culture

This plate is a perfused multi-well tray in our Perfused Organ Panel system that enables continuous perfusion of either 48 statistically independent cultures with just one tube.
This insert system allows for cells to grow in an environment that imitates a human body. It allows for continuous flow of media and blood substitute to maintain its functions.
1 Pack Includes:
  • PerfusionPal 48-well plate 
  • 60 SeedEZ scaffolds
  • Tubing and syringes
  • Luer Cap
  • Seeding Insert
4 Pack Includes:
  • 4 PerfusionPal 48-well plates
  • 240 SeedEZ scaffolds 
  • 4 Tubing and 4 Syringes
  • 4 Luer Caps
  • 4 Seeding Inserts 
This sterile system provides human metabolites for slow-to-metabolize drugs. It provides concentrated secretome to test biologics such as monoclonal antibodies and andibody-drug conjugates. 
Benefit Detail
Flexibility Enables extended mechanistic studies and repeat-dose testing
Affordability Saves money compared to relay assay
Throughput Provides superior tissue oxygenation and pH maintenance and increases Phase 1 drug metabolism by 2-5 times
Special features

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