PhysioMimix™ OOC

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PhysioMimix OOC

CN biology has introduced the PhysioMimix Organ-on-Chip which allows you to model human biology in the lab. As a microphysiological system, it can be used to culture healthy or diseased tissue models, study multi-organ interactions and investigate ADME and toxicity. The PhysioMimix addresses challenges posed by current techniques of using animal models and 2D cell cultures by adding a more "human" touch by modeling human tissue. PhysioMimix™ OOC provides your team with detailed data, allowing you to accurately predict human responses to new therapeutic candidates and compounds.

The tangible benefits of the PhysioMimix™ OOC include but are not limited to the following:
  • Lab Benchtop Ready – portable and compact
  • Quick set up – in less than an hour
  • Compatible with existing equipment – no additional purchases necessary
  • Open-well plates – Users can seed, culture and analyse cells in-house
  • Real-time monitoring – remove samples for analysis, experiments continue to run
  • “Set-and-Run” Perfusion – long-term automated experiments with minimal user input.
  • Compatible with a wide range of tissues and cells – e.g.: off-the-shelf pre-formed tissues or stem cells
  • “Body-on-a-Chip” concurrent assays  – link two or more tissue systems using microfluidics, reveal how multiple organs interact and respond to stimuli
  • Approved by regulatory compliance organisations – in compliance with regulatory safety standards in the EU (CE Mark), Switzerland, Australia, the US and Canada
The  PhysioMimix™ OOC has been relied upon and trusted to deliver results in a plethora of research studies. The topics of these studies range from disease modeling, pharmacological development and toxicology, modeling multi-organ systems, as well as research focused on devices and systems biology. To check out how the PhysioMimix™ OOC has been utilized by research teams from all over the world click here.
Benefit Detail
Flexibility Flexible fluidic circuits with build-in valving
Affordability Turn-key solution frees time for design of experiments
Throughput Plate format
Special features Build into Phyiomimix

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