Precision solid tumor


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Precision solid tumor

The genome-free SAGE Direct Platform™ introduces the next generation of precision medicine by directly testing the most effective cancer treatment on a live tissue biopsy of a patient. Several studies have shown that 8 out of 10 cancer patients do not benefit from genomic testing.  For these patients who do not have mutations for which there is a targeted drug, SageMedic offers them a solution. Their next-generation precision medicine assay is a genome-free high throughput ex-vivo test that can match cancer from almost all patients to a suitable therapy option. By reducing the guesswork, SageMedic has the potential to dramatically improve the safety, efficacy, and cost-effectiveness of cancer therapy. SageMedic's test benefits patients as well as healthcare providers, if interested please contact them.

SageMedic Identifies an Individual’s Optimal Therapy with Live Tumor Tissue
SageMedic’s proprietary technology uses a biopsy of the patient’s own live cancer tissue to create hundreds of biologically similar 3D micro-tumors in our lab.  SageMedic’s 3D micro-tumors are then exposed to multiple treatment options, the responses are measured, and within a week the results will be sent to the physician. 

A recently published AACR article summarizes the success of SageMedic's SAGE Direct Test™, a simple, highly sensitive, robust, and straightforward functional profiling assay with significant clinical relevance, as it can model the natural physiological conditions of tumors. The test consists of four critical steps, i.e., tissue processing, creation of 3D microtumors, live/dead cell imaging, and metabolic profiling. Through the use of their proprietary technology, they can create hundreds of 3D microtumors from a core needle biopsy sample that simulates the in vivo tumor heterogeneity and microenvironment of the tumor biopsy. After these microtumors have been treated with a panel of drugs, they count the number of living and dead cells in the microtumors by using their proprietary technology and scalable automatic stage confocal imaging (Molecular Devices). The advantage of using the SAGE Direct Platform™ is the ability to multiplex image-based results with the metabolic profile of 3D microtumors, which cross validates the image-based readout. The SAGE Direct Test™ has been optimized with ATCC cell lines and further validated with patient-derived tumor cells from lung, ovarian, and colon cancer tumor samples. Validation of high-quality confocal imaging samples followed by quantitative metabolic analysis suggests accurate quantification of viable cells, as reflected in a positive correlation between imaging quantitation and metabolic analysis (correlation coefficient r=0.84, p<0.01).

Benefit Detail
Flexibility Cover several areas of solid tumors: breast, brain, and colorectal cancer
Affordability Saving the life of a loved one
Special features Ex vivo testing of solid tumor tissue

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