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Product development services: medical, hardware, software

Why outsource your product development to Finish Line PDS?
Because they help small companies like yours develop products faster, cheaper, and better. Clients come to Finish Line PDS because they can help them lower the cost of product development, reduce their time-to-market, and improve their product quality. Here’s how we do all that:

Finish Line PDS lowers your fixed-cost overhead If you’re a small company in a niche market, you probably develop new products about every 5 years or so. Employing full-time product development engineers means you’re paying a lot of overhead for skills you’re not fully utilizing.

If you’re a start-up, controlling costs is an even greater concern. After all, you need a product to sell before you can start producing revenue. Generating processes and systems for developing products, buying or leasing CAD systems, and hiring engineering talent all chew up time, money, and resources. It’s critical that you develop a product at the lowest possible cost, with the fewest mistakes, and get it into production quickly.

Established small business or new start-up, you pay for our expert, experienced engineering and proven product development processes only when you actually use them. And our workforce of almost 200 product design specialists enables Finish Line PDS to assign someone to your team with extensive knowledge and experience in your field and the technologies needed to successfully complete your project.

Finish Line PDS decrease your time-to-market because they will begin your project with a significant head start. The thousands of successful product development projects we’ve completed have produced a significant catalog of reference designs we can use to get a jump on your project. Our reference designs enable us to substantially cut time spent learning the technology, finding bugs, and getting your product into manufacturing.

The result? You to get a high-quality product to market in the shortest possible time with the greatest ROI so you can generate revenue – and profit — faster.

Finish Line PDS increase your product quality by building quality control into every step of the product development process. Quality needs to be a major focus from the very beginning – not just when your product is going into production. As a team of dedicated product development experts, they fully understand the interrelationship between business goals, design requirements, and manufacturing capabilities. Knowing that each affects the others helps Finish Line PDS improve quality and reduce risk throughout the entire product development process.

Well-versed in industry and technologies of industry, Finish Line PDS has amassed numerous case studies around their projects over the years. To check out the plethora of case studies conducted on their work, please click here.  Let their work speak for itself.
Benefit Detail
Flexibility Flexible scope of projects
Affordability Fits small business or startup budget
Throughput Helping one company and one product at a time
Special features Specialized in working with small businesses and startups

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