DO Sensor


  • Brand: Scientific Bioprocessing
The DO sensor is an oxygen sensor that will redefine cell cultures. Coming in at a diameter of 5mm, this sensor will suit the needs of even the smallest of cell cultures.

Sensors so small that fit in even the smallest culture systems are redefining cell culture. The 5mm diameter DO Sensor enables real-time measurements in multi-well culture plates, microfluidics devices, tissue culture flasks, shake flasks, and bioreactors. Biocompatible, sterilizable, and non-invasive, ID·Sensors provide data exactly where the cells are, at the pericellular level, so you can be confident about the pH and DO levels your cells are experiencing.
ACCURACY 0.2% full scale
RESOLUTION ± 0.1% at 21% O2
STERILIZATION Autoclave, gamma irradiation; inquire about other methods
SENSOR LIFE 45 days (continuous monitoring), several months (intermittent monitoring)
SHELF LIFE 12 months
SENSOR DIMENSIONS Sensor DO: 5mm diameter x 0.3mm height sensors, non-sterile, pre-calibrated
SCAN INTERVAL 10 seconds or greater
OPERATING SYSTEM Windows 7 / 8 / 10

Measuring pericellular oxygen levels has traditionally been a challenge. The widely adopted method of using incubator oxygen levels to control and monitor oxygen levels yields a significant difference between predicted and observed liquid phase pO2. This demonstrates a need for a sensor that can more accurately monitor oxygen levels at the cellular level. SBI's DO sensor provides that solution. This optical sensor also measures as accurately as standard industrial electrochemical probes (98.7% correlation). The DO sensor can monitor cellular oxygen levels with pinpoint accuracy and provide a better picture of conditions within in vivo cell cultures.

Benefit Detail
High throughput
Large Organoid Culture
Membrane models

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