SeedEZ 3D cell culture system

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  • Brand: Lena Biosciences
SeedEZ 3D cell culture system

The SeedEZ scaffold is a complete 3D cell culture and drug screening system. It provides a convenient framework for organ-like tissue models and 3D cell-based assays. It accepts most cell types and extracellular matrices (ECMs) for physiologically relevant cell-cell (cadherin) and cell-ECM signaling in 3D. SeedEZ is ideally suited for time-course biochemical assaying without the need to terminate your cultures. The smaller the number of wells, the larger the volume of cells that can be grown in the scaffold.

This SeedEZ 3D cell culture system is for 24-well plates and includes 24 sterile and ready-to-use scaffolds.
Current applications of the SeedEZ 3D cell culture system include:
  • Basic and applied science research
  • Cancer research
  • Drug testing

For more information on the research applications of the SeedEZ 3D cell culture system, check out this article published by its creators.

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