Single cell R&D services

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Microfluidic tools for single cell analysis, droplet encapsulation

Sphere Fluidics offers a wide range of R&D services customized to your individual requirements and designed to achieve innovative and high-quality results. Their technology makes it possible to encapsulate and screen millions of individual cells or biological molecules in a single day. This enables you to find that rare or valuable cell variant, whether it’s a diseased cell, a high producer, or even a valuable biological product. Processing millions of samples or cells a day, their technology is perfect for a variety of high throughput screening applications.

Sphere Fluidic's proprietary microfluidic technology allows the ultra-high throughput analysis of isolated cells in miniaturized (pL to nL) picodroplets. Their systems incorporate picodroplet microfluidics to enable faster, less costly, and more effective sample screening and biological discovery. The technology has been specially designed for research areas such as antibody discovery, cell line development, synthetic biology, single-cell diagnostics, and prognostics. They are also working towards applying the technology to key areas such as precision genome editing and cell therapy.

Sphere Fluidic's patented technology has been utilized by scientists around the world. Their technology has been used in studies involving cellular assays, chemical synthesis/analysis, DNA analysis, drug screening, gene expression, mass spectrometry, microfluidic technology, and more. Take a look at some of the scientific papers published to date, which have utilized Sphere Fluidics’ picodroplet technology, microfluidic technology, or specialist research chemicals. If you are interested in utilizing their services and technologies for your lab or business, contact them with your specific needs.



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