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  • Brand: Eden Tech
SUBLYM100 molding station

Sublym100 is a compact embossing machine that lowers the operating cost and space required to make specialty molds. This space-saving device fits on small bench tops and does not require cleanroom facilities. 
20 – 90s isothermal molding of FlexDym material. This kit also includes Eden Tech's Epoxym kit, a microfluidic mold replication solution. The price of this product includes shipping costs.

Conformal high strength bonding -- no plasma, solvent, or vacuum required.
Fast and isothermal prototyping: 20 - 90 sec
Fabrication of up to 12 microfluidic slides (25 x 75 mm) in one shot
Ultra-compact 33 x 34 x 11 cm
Benchtop size, can in easily installed anywhere
Simple setup: electrical plug and play
Intuitive use, no training required
Frame and holders:
Holders for 16 microfluidic slides
2", 4", and 6" wafers

Suitable for molding on various material as SU-8, Epoxy, Silicon, Glass, PDMS, etc.
Do it directly under your fume hood.
Conformal, high-strength bonding.
1. Place a Flexdym sheet on a mold suitable for molding on various material as SU-8, Epoxy, Silicon, Glass, PDMS, etc.
2. 20 – 90 s in Sublym100™. Do it directly under your fume hood
3. High strength bonding. Conformable and easy bonding : no plasma, no solvent and no vacuum.
Benefit Detail
Flexibility Same material for prototyping and mass production
Affordability Inexpensive prototyping option
Throughput Fabrication suitable for pilot production
Special features

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